The founder of RTI and social activities smt. Aruna Roy said, about RTI that... this is not the matter for changing the power this is the matter for changing the system . ...before talk about the RTI amendment bill we should know something about RTI Act .

what is RTI Act ?

RTI means. Right To Information Act, 2005 under this. Information are given which makes the men powerful. Under this also any common person can ask to any govt. authority for any types of information but there are some limitation for men ....further we will discuss about it. Common persons have been given the right to ask any questions to the govt. authority . This is under RTI Act , 2005

who is the founder of RTI ?

Aruna Roy ( born on 26th of may 1946) , she is the founder of RTI in the year of 2005 , she is an Indian political and social activist and she was also founded the Mazdoor kisan shakti sangathan (MKSS) She was also the member of (NAC) , National Advisory committee and she also wrote the book " The RTI Story " : power of the people .

Rules of RTI -

1. Such information which cannot be denied to the member of parliament or legislature , cannot be denied even to the common man .

2. Only Indian is able to take this benefit.

3. Public can ask for their information in form.

4. Information can ask till the ritetion period .

5. The fee for RTI is 10 Rs. and for

BPL holders it is free .

6. Under RTI there is fixed time to take the information from authority which is 30 days after you will not bound to pay the fee of those information.

7. You will have to write An Application your name , Address. , and from this time to that time I need that information you will have to those information about you .

How it files ?

RTI can file by online or offline modes .

Website - rtionline. govt. in these all the information about RTI Act , 2005 Now let me tell you all, about the current RTI Amendment bill , 2019 which have brought by BJP party in lok sabha ,RTI had the most successful Act in Indian constitution but after this amendment bill it seems like

RTI =RIP (2005 -2019)

RTI system works like -Under RTI Act, 2005 there is information commission .one which in central level and second which is in state level whenever you are denied to give any information from any govt. authority then you can go to the information commission and complain for your problem there are information commissioner who has their fixed tenure and payment .and information commissioners should be independent,

RTI Amendment bill 2019 says

1)." Information commissioners' of central level tenure and allowance will be as prescribed by the Govt. Sec. (13) of RTI Act 2005 talks about information commissioners' tenure and allowance. But this amendment is bringing the changes on this section.

2). Sec.(16) of this Act 2005 talks about the tenure and allowance of state level information commissioners' so this amendment bill bring the changes on this also .

3) This amendment had been passed by the Lok Sabha and after that 25th of July 2019 it has been passed by the Rajya Sabha also

Effect of this Amendment Bill afterwards-

After this bill independence of information commissioners will be finished and those will be like police officers. Where if any police officers do any work against any political leader then he was transferred . There are so many cases in which RTI helped us ...

1. 70,000 cr. common wealth scam we all knew about it because of RTI Act 2005

2. 176,0000000000 Rs. 2G Scam we knew about it because of this .

3. how much currencies brought in our banks after demonetization

this is the reason why we can know bout those scams.

in 2006 kejriwal said RTI emerged the most powerful tool for common people ...

And why today's BJP Govt. doing this ..

Important Cases related to RTI ACT , 2005

1. Narendra Modi's degree case -

In 2015, Neeraj sharma he is An Activist he filed the RTI in Delhi University to get the information about all the students who have got the degree of BA. ( Arts) in the year of 1978 about their roll number , marks etc. but Delhi University rejected the file of neeraj sharma then neeraj sharma went to information commissioner and complain about that ...after few months RTI commissioner said this information should be given by Delhi University they said we are telling you modiji took the degree of BA. from here but we cannot give you those information about him , Delhi University Said .

after that Delhi University went to the court to defend self and this case is under proceedings right now ......

2). The second case was A person who filed the RTI against RBI who was not giving him all information about those who had not paid the Loan ....this case is also in the court under proceedings.

there are 32,000 complains and applies pending under information commission ...because ending of 2018 govt. didn't appoint any information commissioners there are 11 post of information commissioners in this there are 8 post were vacant till the end of 2018 ..govt. didn't full it. Then some activist went to Supreme Court and complains for it after that in the beginning of 2019 govt. appoints 4 information commissioners ...but still there are 4 posts are vacant.

Aruna Roy( founder of RTI )came on the road to protest of this bill ...

Anna Hajare said - dictatorship will come after this bill. BJP Govt. says after this bill that .they are bringing this bill for more establishment of RTI they are defending themselves and release of 1 page " Factsheet " which is totally fact less which is invaluable. bjp govt. wants to snatch the dependency of RTI and bring it under govt. .

Solutions of this -

1.) Undo this Bill ... this bill should take back and not bring these types of amendment in RTI .make stronger to RTI

2.) fill the Vacant post of information commissioners

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