One Stop Centre Scheme


This article will give a clear idea about the One Stop Centre scheme also called Sakhi

Scheme. It is explained in this article by answering the question when the One Stop Centre

scheme was created, why it was created, how it was created, and what it is.


One Stop Centre scheme is one of the schemes of the Ministry of Women and Child

Development (MWCD). It is one of the schemes under Women Empowerment Schemes. One

Stop Centre scheme helps women at any age also girl below 18 affected by violence against

women in a public or private place.

When it was created?

Sakhi Scheme/One Stop Centre Scheme was carried out on 1st April 2015 .

Why it was created?

It was created to provide specialized services to women who face violence privately (within

the family )or in a public place (in the workplace or elsewhere ). Women facing physical,

emotional, psychological, economic abuse, etc. irrespective of age, educational qualification,

caste, culture, class, race, marital status will be given support and remedy under this scheme.

How it was created?

In 2013, Report was submitted by the Usha Mehra commission. By 2015, the One Stop

Centre Scheme was executed. Establishment of One Stop Centres across the country was

made phase by phase. In 1st phase one OSC in every state and union territory and 2nd phase

150 additional OSC. And this scheme is funded by the Nirbhaya fund.

Finally What is One Stop Scheme or Sakhi Scheme?

The aim is to provide support and aid to women affected by violence (in private and public

spaces). To provide services such as Emergency Response and Rescue Services, Medical

Assistance, Assistance to women in lodging FIR/NCR/DIR, Psycho-social support/

counselling, Legal aid and counselling, Shelter and Video Conferencing Facility for women

you face violence against them. All the things under one roof. The OSC support women

including girls below the age of 18 they will get aid from institution established under

Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children ) Act,2000 and Protection of Children from

Sexual offenses Act,2012 which will be linked with OSC. How an affected woman can

contact an OSC is By herself or Through any person or Through woman Helpline


The actions taken by the Ministry of Women and Children Development through a different

scheme like OSC are very good. But still, there is much violence against women. To reduce

the violence the awareness about the scheme must be made everyone mainly women

credit: Sivapriya 

clg name: school of excellence in law

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