The term negligence which shown someone owes the duty towards the other so as a

Term indicate negligence which means breach of duty of care which results damages.


Glasgow corporation v/s Taylor

In this case father of seven years old boy sued the Glasgow corporation for damages following

the death of his son, who died as a result of eating Barrie's from the poisionous plant that was

growing in the Botanic garden in Glasgow . The garden were open to the public and managed

by defendant .the father argued that defendant allow the children to pass through their ground

frequently yet didn't take any action to warn or alleviate the danger caused by poisonous plant

to children . The plant was enclosed by a wooden fence which is open to the public easily access

by the children. So court held that the defendant we're liable for negligence because their is

lack of care in his duty of defendant due to other people or plaintiff faces here

corporation were liable for negligence

credit: priya

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