Law movie review: No one killed Jessica

Author: Aayushka Priyadarshi



Movie name: No One Killed Jessica

Director: Raj Kumar Gupta

Released date: 7th January 2011

Outline of movie: These movie is based on true incident happed on 1999 at a New Delhi, the movie stars cast Vidya Balan as Jessica's sister and Rani Mukerji who plays a character of a news reporter. The movie focused the true story of Jessica Lal, a Delhi-based model and restaurant worker who was shot in 1999 at a New Delhi restaurant Manu Sharma. Jessica along with actor and model friend Shayan Munshi, were closing the bar at the restaurant where they worked. They were approached by Manu and his two friends. Infuriated by Jessica's refusal to serve them drinks after the bar closed, Manu fatally shot Jessica and then story began.

Summary of the movie: The background of the case stated. On 29 April 1999, Jessica Lal was one of several models working at an unlicensed bar at a party in a restaurant. By midnight the bar had run out of liquor and closed by 12.30 am. After midnight, Manu Sharma walked in with three friends and demanded to be served liquor, offering rupees 1000 for it. Jessica refused said that bar is closed and we don’t have drinks but Manu Sharma didn’t listen and fired a .22 calibre pistol firstly at the ceiling as an intimatory act. Then again Jessica refused, but Manu Sharma fired again and the second bullet hit Jessica Lal in the head and she die.

After that Manu Sharma and his friends - Amardeep Singh Gill, Vikas Yadav, and Alok Khanna - left the bar. After that Jessica bar partner and friend Shayan Munshi called the ambulance and she taken to the hospital but she died at hospital. Then after a police investigation and FIR was taken place. After eluding police for a few days, the two were arrested on 4 May and main victim on 6 May.

The case involved several prominent people. The victim father Venod Sharma, who was a minister in the Haryana state. Vikas Yadav was the son of another state politician, D. P. Yadav.

●First trail of the court: Charge sheets were filed with the court on 3 August 1999. Before the trails began there is so much influence to the witnesses, there are 300 people present at the party but all are manipulate and say lie in police investigation and refuse to recognize the main victim due to political pressure, also the forensic evidence are manipulate. And the session court found not guilty the Manu Sharma and his friend.

Appeal and conviction in High Court: The police petitioned the High Court for a review of the case and on 22 March 2006 the court issued warrants against the nine defendants who had stood trial. On 9 September 2006, a sting operation taken by STAR News. This appeared to show that witnesses had been bribed and coerced into initial testimony. Venod Sharma was named in the expose as one who had paid money to the witnesses.

●Final judgment: On 15 December 2006, the High Court ruled that Sharma was guilty based on existing evidence, On 20 December 2006, Sharma was punished with a sentence of life imprisonment with fine. The other accused, were fined and given four years' rigorous imprisonment.

●Analysis: As already stated this movie is based on true event. Overall movie is very good, all the character played their role very appropriately and these biographical thriller film exactly give a real picture and proper idea of the event. I liked this movie very much because all things executed is real and authorized

●Conclusion : Our India is consider as dormancy country and every person have equal rights freedom. If anyone try to infringed our rights then the role of justice system taken place. You must watch this movie because you get a high understanding that how the justice system is working, how the police system is working and how evidence are manipulated and witnesses change their side in real court room scene. In this movie a real scenario of power- full people shown very clearly. So In this case JUSTICE IS DELAYED BUT NOT DENIED

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