In this article I will deal about the how the expulsion of article 370 and 35A of the

constitution it make the integration of jammu and Kashmir with India.

Further it I will deal about the historic backgrounds of jammu and Kashmir when B.R

Ambedkar establish article 370 and 35A, and after establishing this we can say that jammu

and Kashmir made as a different country which is a part of a India , because due to the

establishing of these two article it make different constitution , and different flag of jammu

and Kashmir. And we also come in touch of that type news like in jammu and kashmir

“DANGA” like situation always rises day by day, internal aggregation always lies on, and

most important what are the brutalaity Kashmiri Pandit faces on the land of Jammu and

kashmir and after that I will deal about how about integration of jammu and Kashmir with

india by removal of article 370 and 35A. and what are the needs to eradict article 370 and


KEY WORDS;- article 370, 35A , 370(3), 370(1)


If we see the political map of India, we find that India is a nation and jammu and Kashmir is

a part of india . but why instead of this flag of jammu and Kashmir , constitution of jammu

and Kashmir , rule and regulation of jammu and Kashmir is different from india. This is due

to the golden and priceless word of B.R Ambedkar who is father of constitution and most

important first union law minister of india. Who was shocked to all Indian by saying the

words that no Indian would be allowed to settle in jammu and kashmir , not to sell and buy

any property there , not allowed to apply for any jobs there, and even not to conduct any

business there and most important B.R Ambedkar opposed to granting special status of

jammu and Kashmir. Being a part of india I just think nothing on earth can be more

disgrateful to this words.

By the establishment of article 370 in jammu and Kashmir, we can see that its effect on

Jammu and Kashmir , that Jammu and kashmir have its own constitution, own flag and his

own laws. It is like a” one soul but two body” I am saying this words because we know that

Jammu and Kashmir is not a different thing from India, it is a part of india. So why our

constitution father make this big fault. In other hand if we discussed about the article 35A it

tell about the if a women of Jammu and kashmir married with men from India her all legal

right is loses its means she have no right after that act. But if she married with a Pakistan men

then she would not loses her right and Pakistani men would gain all right including the

citizen. I just think this is more disloyality happen with people of India , and how can a

Pakistani be given a preference in Jammu and kashmir and not to Indian ?

In the era of 18 th and 19 th century our people fight for freedom, they fight for unity,

integration and brotherhood. But really is it happened ? answer is NO because due to article

370 it really divide the organ of india . due to this instead of one nation there is two

constitution, two flag colour. And due to this disintegrate unity, harmony and integration of

India is totally threat.

Now if I talk about the what are the problem faces by the people of jammu and Kashmir

specially the Kashmiri Pandit. We know that jammu and Kashmir is known for its peace ,

wonderfulness. But due to some people it was destroy. Day by day external pressure lies on

jammu and Kashmir and we called as jammu and Kashmir come in hand of “UGARWAADI”

the attacker of Pakistan come on the land of jammu and kasmir and by his speech he did a

aggressive speech and their intension is only that violence and domain. Many of time school

and college were shut down, communication network were cut down only motive behind this

to spread their rule and their domain. And most important what was happened with Kashmiri

pandit on his own land it really a heartbreaking. In the place of jammu and kashmir cruelty,

harassment lies on women. And its really the pure soil of jammu goes to soil of hell. In the

period of 1947 divide India Pakistan as well as India and jammu and Kashmir.

As we know that jammu and kashmir is a part of india so matter of their integration rises

many times in parliament but it is only going as a long lasting debate but nothing held on

favour of this. But is will not going to be continued. It is after the long and gruelling debate

the results will come in after 72 years of independence that jammu and kashm integrate now

stand completely integrate with india. Article 370 and 35A were nothing . and due to this

expulsion jammu and Kashmir bi-furcate into two union territories.

If we checked the background of this eradiction there has been step taken to revoke special

status of jammu and Kashmir here this is reference to the article 370. Article 370 stated

earlier that this article can be repealed under article 370(3) but onlu after getting the

recommendation of constituent assembly of jammu and Kashmir, however the constituent

assembly dissolve on 25 january 1975 without the recommending the abrogation of article.

In case of SBI v/s Santosh gupta it is held that it is a temprorary provision. On august 5 2019

president of india issue the constitution (application to jammu and Kashmir) pursuant article

370(1) of constitution of india Gautam Bhatia who is constitutional lawyer states that “

constitute the basis foe everything” that follow the order and stipulate the concurrence of

government of state of jammu and Kashmir that all the provision of constitution shall amend

time to time and it apply in all state as well as state of jammu and Kashmir.

On the same day , india upper house of parliament passed a statutory resolution

recommending that president of india abrogate most of article 370 persuant to article 370(3)

after next day president implement the resolution and revoke the special status of jammu and

Kashmir by his presidential order and it stated that all clause of article 370 shall cease to be

operative and all provision of constitution shall amend time to time and it shall apply on state

of jammu and Kashmir.and during the same period parliament of india also passed jammu

and Kashmir reorganization act 2019, and it passes by the both the houses of parliament.


This is because as a historic background we read the actual condition of jammu and Kashmir

so for the growth and development of jammu and Kashmir it is to be needed. And there is

also need to people of jammu and Kashmir gain the right and proviledge or facilities as per

with the rest of country people enjoy.



YES… now we can say that integration of jammu and Kashmir with india is now full and

final because after the abrogation of article 370 and 35A from jammu and Kashmir all

kasmirian are now free to purchase land from any part of india , kasmiri women now marry

any part of india, thousand of people go for tourist point of view, and people of jammu and

kasmir bind with one law which is called Indian laws, they have right to access “Right To

Information” amd take education and job for any part of india.


After this we can conclude that after long and lasting arguement we can say that india take

their actual bread and we called now our india is integrate , unite with their respective part.

And now all people are free to move any part of india they can access all information. Now

no pressure lies on kasmirian women that she would marriage in Pakistan instead od Indian

men. Now all right have been safe. And all people have enjoy their liberty.

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