Drug And Alcoholic Abuse

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Addiction, a word which clearly speaks of the events preceding it and of the events that might succeed the same. It is considered as a psychological and physical inability to stop consuming a particular chemical, drug, or substance either causing any psychological or physical harm. Such chemical or substance may either be alcohol, drugs, camphor, snake’s venom or any other kind of drug available.There are many causes behind using these substances’ which includes it becomes easier to deal with a problem, aspiration for new experience and simple peer pressure.

Abuse vs. Addiction

Drug abuse is using an illegal substance by people in the way they shouldn’t. A person might take more than regular dose of pills of drugs. A person basically abuse drugs in order to feel good or to avoid stress from their life.

Addiction is something which you can’t stop. Not even when your health is in danger, not even when it causes financial, personal or other problems to you and to your close once. It urges you to take drug at every single minute of your life or even when you want to quit from your life.

Side Effects of Drugs and Alcohol

There should be no surprise that drug and alcohol have a negative effect on person life. Although it has been difficult to imagine, that effect of this substances might affect everything from your body to your bank.

Let us discuss some of the harmful effects of drug and alcohol:

· Health Complications: Drug and alcohol usually impact every single part of your body. The abuse of this substance may often leads to heart attack, infected your heart value, your heart rates might become abnormal. The long term uses of drug may often damage your kidney and liver as well.

· Financial Problems: Drug and alcohol are very expensive especially when you are buying the branded one. The impact of the substances may often stop your productivity and success at work. The time spends in searching for drug may be better utilised in learning new skills in order to advance your business. The health insurance rates might be increase and you have to find a way in order to pay for arrest warrant, and various legal counsel.

· Brain Chemistry: The human brain is the most complex part of the human body. When you intake a drug first time, your brain release a type of chemical which called dopamine that make you feel that you want more of the drugs. With a time, your mind used to get dopamine that you can’t function without it and everything thing related to you begins to change which include memory, personality and you start taking things for granted.

· Deaths and Injuries: If anyone try to intake too much of drugs, then he/she likely to experience physical injuries or involved in various types of car accidents as well. Even worse situation can be possible like homicide or suicide. According to World Health Organization 1 out of 5 deaths are caused by in taking alcohol and drugs.

Legal Aspect of Drug Addiction

Addiction towards a particular substance can change everything in a person’s life, including the society’s perspective towards them. People in recovery have the same rights, privileges and freedom as a non-addict has. One of the important and necessary problems in the recovery process is to clear up the legal problems faced by addict to ensure he enjoys his post-recovery life to the fullest.

· Illegal Discrimination: It is not legal to provide discrimination against people in recovery who are in search of education, jobs, housing etc. It was not allowed by landlords, schools, employers to refuse their services on the basis of past drug addiction. A person who is applying for a job must have medical certificate and the proof of complete treatment of drug addiction is order to be legally covered by Rehabilitation act and ADA.

· Employment Discrimination: The Employment Opportunity Commission offers a various numbers of resources to the people who had a past drug addiction, such as whether a employer is allowed to ask question regarding the previous addiction, the answer to the question would be yes, but only if potential employer is not trying to give information on a legal disabilities. If a person is looking to re-enter a job or if he feels there is unfairly denied of his job because of his past drug substances then he would be entitled consult to discuss the merit of the respective case.

· Landlord’s Rights to refuse Housing: The Landlord does not have a right to refuse give housing to a person who has come out from drug addiction. If a person is unable to pay the necessary requirement such paying rent, electricity charges then landlord is entitled to take legal action against that person. But if he has a fear that his or her past drug use may causes various problems then landlord would be entitled for the violation of Fair Housing Act.

· Driving under Influence Charges: As we all know that different states have different laws regarding penalties but we can’t be say that all of them are good. In a single DUI conviction can leads to big fines and long driver’s license suspensions. They are judges who have imposed mandatory jails for the first time offence. A lawyer who are specialise in these types of legal issues can help to minimize the legal consequences.

· Divorce Proceeding: The end of the marriage is one of the other consequences of addiction. In order to ensure that all the parties represent fairly and equally, legal right is compulsory. There are various law firms that understands the complication of drug addiction substance and can help the client though the proceeding of divorce, custody and try to provide justice to their client.

Social Aspect of Drug/Alcohol Addiction

Excessive use/Abuse of substances like drugs or alcohol have effects on human life in ‘n’ number of ways be it economic, psychological, spiritual, legal or social. This emphasises the need for clients in treatment to address these problems in their ongoing recovery processes.

· Effect on Family: The Substance use disorder (SUD) may affect many people in additional to the people dealing with the problem, which may creates burden for its family and members. In an Emotional burden, members may feel frustration, worry, depression, shame etc. It may be caused due to various problems like money problem related to loss of jobs or due to money spent on illegal substances. Family instability may arise due to violence, abuse, family separation, divorce etc.

· Effects of Substance Use Disorder: SUD’s has a major impact on individual and it creates burden on society as well. These disorders contribute to disability, medical condition or deaths which are caused by various disease, accidents or higher rates of suicidality all of which badly affect society. Other social problems related to SUD’s are criminal behaviour, housing instability, dependence on welfare, unemployment etc. The costs to deal with these social problems are overwhelming and it creates an economic burden on government.

· Intervention for Family or Social Problem: Social, Family and other problems can be address with the use of medical, education, HIV/AIDS, mental care, housing, legal financing and transportation service in addiction within the community. The intervention may address several issues like how to minimize contact with high-risks people, places or events, develop new friendship, resolve the friendship, improve communication, engage in supporting programs, ask to help or support from others etc. Family intervention can assist in influencing the addict to enter the treatment and it is the support of the family with which the SUD can effectively get through the recovery process.

· Youth and Drugs: In today’s world, young people find peace in taking drugs and there often uses drugs in order to cope with stress and several other factors. One may not deny that many countries intoday’s world are drug-oriented societies but the implications of drug are not as same for adult as they are for adolescent. The youth started taking drug due to various reasons like consequence in love life, pressure of examination, depression etc, while the adult may turn into adult for many reasonslike drug does not prevent the adult to be productive, occupational and emotional ties, accepting restriction, planning for the future etc. Drugs usage neglects many responsibilities at a time but many important decisions are required to be made at a time.


By adopting public health approach, we can take effective steps in order to prevent substance related issues. Such an approach can prevent the substance and thus reduce the number of people who are suffering from addiction; it can also reduce the substance related deaths. This approach may also reduce the damage which was created by substance misuse like transmission of infective disease and motor vehicles crashes. Thus, promotions much have wider-adoption of prevention, treatment and recovery of strategies much is public priority. This has helped people in talking about their concern with doctors. If we come together as a society, it can be possible to change the attitude towards the substances misuse.

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