The Delhi Cabinet approved the ‘Tree Transplantation Policy’ for the preservation of trees in the Capital. The Cabinet also approved the installation of the second smog tower in the world at Connaught Place within ten months. The project seeks to prevent large-scale felling for development projects.


♦ Under the policy, a minimum of 80% of trees affected by a development or construction project will be transplanted. Over 80% of the transplanted trees must survive after transplantation.

♦ Also, 10 saplings will be planted in addition to the whole tree being dug up with the root intact and scientifically transplanted at another location instead of being felled.

♦ Delhi state government is to form a panel of agencies for tree transplantation and the government departments concerned will contact these agencies.

♦ Under this initiative, various measures including Electric Vehicle (EV), tree transplantation, and preventing stubble burning will be taken.

Credit: Yana Soni

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