Updated: Oct 11, 2020

United Nation was started to make law on Anti Torture in the world, through United Nations convention Against Torture 1995. Now India is the signatory member of United Nation and to apply any Act by United Nation Indian Parliament has to make a law for it. So to make United Nations Convention against Torture 1975 a law in India, Government of India presented Prevention of Torture Bill 2010 in Lok Sabha. In this bill if any public servant commits torture to anyone then he or she will be punished which has been prescribed in the bill i.e. 10 years of imprisonment. It reaches the Rajya Sabha by passing through Lok Sabha, where for further consideration this bill has been sent to Rajya Sabha Select committee. Committee provides suggestion for this bill those are:- 1.Expanding definition of torture. 2. Torturing of women or child should have severe punishment. 3. Set up an independent authority. After all these things, still this bill is pending in Rajya Sabha. In 2019 India had 1700+ custodial death. Now guidelines to be followed by policemen while arrest:- 1. The police person should carry clear identification and name tags with their designation. 2. Police officer who are arresting must maintain arrest memo. 3. Relatives or friend of arrested member must know about his or her arrest. 4. Major or minor injuries or anything at the time of arrest should be written down in inspection memo. 5. Medical examination after every 48 hours. 6. Copies of every document must be sent to Magistrate. 7. Arrested person can consult a lawyer. 8. Every district or Police Headquarter must have police control room.

Credit: Pratyaksha

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