Grooming is when someone builds a relationship , trust and emotional connection with a child or young person through this they can manipulate , exploit ,and abuse , grooming can take place over short or long period of time from weeks to year groomer can also builds a relationship with the young person's family ,friends , to make them seem trustworthy or authoritative.

It is a practice where someone builds an emotional bond with children through social media or messaging platform with an objective of gaining their trust to sexually abuse or exploit them , It is also through internet someone can force or pressurized a young person or child into doing something sexual - like sending a naked video or images of themselves This is wrong , someone who's grooming others online will sometimes build their trust before talking about doing anything sexual .

There are Three distinct types of of groomers exist:

• Distorted Attachment :- In distorted attachment , the groomer reveals his identity to the victim and he does not use indescent image of children , the groomer spends a great deal of time with the victim and become friendly before they meet face to face

Adaptable Offender :- The offender uses many identities online , he may or may not indescent picture of the child , but he will always consider those victim who is sexually mature ,

Hyper sexual offender :- In this , the offender focus on sharing the indescent image of child in different social media

Steps which groomers follow

Targeting victims Gaining victim's trust :-Filling needs :- Isolation of child :- Sexualizing the relationship :- Maintaining controle ...

Offenders firstly they may make fake profile with another's name and they mention younger age which is fake , then they try to know child interest their likes , dislikes , all personal information , and they try to build trust with them through take care of them , and they also try to offer them gifts and can do any possible thing to build a strong relationship and trust .

When you can get to know that your child is becoming a victim of this , "If they are spending more time in social media in private .And they are trying to hide something what they are trying to in social media If your child using other electronic item without your knowledge these things may be indication , to know that is your child involved in this ?

PREVENTION - Keep the computer in a room where the whole family can access it , monitor and observe each and each activity of your child on internet and also in general aspects , Give information to your children and keep reminding them that they should not give their personal information to any stranger on internet , and tell them about child grooming ,

check the ESRB Rating of games which your kids play and try to know the content of the game


The protection of children from sexual offence act , 2012 (POCSO)

*Section 11 iv of POSCO Repeatedly or constantly follow or watches or contacts a child either directly or through electronic , digital or another means with sexual intent

Section 67B of information technology Act ,2008 : punishment for publication or transmitting big material depicting children (underage) in sexual explicit act, etc, in electronic form .

The anonymity and accessibilities of digital technology allows groomers to approach multiple children at one time , therefore exponentially multiplying the cases of cyber grooming ,

2012 UK based survey revealed that 42 percentage of children ( ages 11-16 year old ) received vonkune attachments by email from stranger 42 percentage of the children ages 11- 16 years old

Similarly 264 grooming cases reported that suspects requests sexual image in 93. 4 percentage of cases , In 23 percentage of the cases the young person was threatened with the distribution of existing images or other harm ,

30 percentage of the cases where young person actually sends sexual image , and in 35.5 percentage of cases the suspect sent the victim sexually image of themselves or :- . How victims are connected with electronic media were used 70 percentage of the time , according to the data obtained by the NSPCC ,With instragram accounting for 33 percentage . On the contrary ,there are only few cases of conviction for the crime of cyber grooming

Regarding cyber grooming of children there is no specific law As to third of world's

:- in 18 month , more than 5,100 online grooming crimes were recorded by police . :- NSPCC data says , the most common target of online groomers were girls ahead 12-15

:-One in five victims however , were ages 11 children as young as five were recorded as victims in some instances . ,

how the child was groomed in just over half of those offence - 5, 784 and Facebook owned application including Facebook,

Facebook manager , instragram and watsap were used in 55 percentage of cases police has recorded information about it .Half of the 3,200 instance of Facebook owed apps being used involved instragram, the privately owned social media platforms , Snapchat was used over 1, 060 times .

Facebook failed to catch hundred of cases of child exploitation on its platforms over the past six year , Facebook altered authority ,that's why only 9 percent of the 366 cases were investigated while the rest of the investigation were initiated by authority without promoting of the social media giant .

England has recorded 10.119 online grooming crime and Wales of those offences - 5,784 and Facebook owed application including Facebook , Facebook manager , instragram and watsap were used 55 percent of cases




Credit: Wagendra Shriwas

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