6th September 1990 : Prasar Bharti Bill is Passed in Parliament.

6th September 1990 : Prasar Bharti Bill is Passed in Parliament.

· On sixth Sep 1990 the Parliament passed the Prasar Bharti bill Associate in Nursingd on twelfth Sep 1990 the Prasar Bharti Act got an assent from the President of Asian country.

· Prasar Bharti is Asian country’s largest public broadcaster Associate in Nursingd is Associate in Nursing freelance body established by an Act of Parliament which has the Doordarshan tv Network and also the All India Radio (AIR) that were at the start a locality of the Ministry of knowledge and Broadcasting.

· The Prasar Bharti came into existence when a requirement that broadcasters in hand by the govt. ought to be the liberty to manage themselves like broadcasters in different countries. Following the passing of the Act all assets, liabilities, property and payments regarding Akashvani (All Asian country Radio) and Doordarshan were passed onto Prasar Bharti.

· The Prasar Bharti board contains of:

o Chairperson

o 1 government Member

o 1 Member (Finance) Ex Officio

o 1 Member (Personnel) Ex Officio

o 6 half time members

o Director General (Akashvani)

o Director General (Doordarshan)

o 1 representative of the Union Ministry of knowledge and Broadcasting

o 2 representatives of the workers of the Corporation

· Presently, the chairwoman of Prasar Bharti is Mrinal Pandey and Jawahar Sircar is its chief operating officer.

· The President of Asian country appoints the Chairman and different members, however not the ex officio members, appointed and nonappointive members. The Prasar Bharti board is meant to fulfill a minimum of sixfold a year. one among the core functions of the Prasar Bharti is to conduct public broadcasting to teach and entertain viewers. The Board is liable for the balanced growth of broadcasts, each of radio and tv.

· Function of Prasar Bharti:-

o Prasar Bharti is to keep up the unity and integrity of the country as target-hunting by the Constitution of Asian country.

o It should conjointly make sure that the citizen’s rights of being hip in truth and freely regarding national and international matters square measure met.

o The Prasar Bharti is additionally liable for spreading skill, agricultural development, setting and health. it's conjointly liable for covering the range of Indian culture and sports and games therefore on promote the spirit of fairness among viewers.

o The Prasar Bharti is additionally liable for serving the agricultural and weaker sections of society and guaranteeing the protection of kids, the unfit and different weaker sections of society.

o except for that, the Prasar Bharti conjointly promotes analysis and development in order that the radio and television broadcasts square measure unbroken perpetually updated.

· Currently, AIR and Doordarshan square measure undergoing digitisation and a few of the Doordarshan Kendra’s square measure already digitized. There square measure more plans to alter and modify the present ones moreover. Prasar Bharti is ordering new transmitters, as well as digital ones too.

· The Parliament of Asian country passed the Prasar Bharti Act on sixth Sep 1990, however it came into force abundant later, on fifteenth Sep 1997.

Credit: Richa Gupta

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